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Save money and improve efficiency. Reducing energy
use and carbon pollution not only
has environmental benefits, but can also benefit the business bottom line.

This greenhouse gas measurement suite is designed to collect and analyse data, and report the greenhouse gas emissions for businesses, organisations and events.

Feature Overview

  • Secure and Verifiable: Evalue8 facilitates the management of secure data entry of business activities, and allows for the inclusion of evidence of that data.
  • Flexible configuration: Evalue8 allows larger businesses to assess subsidiary parts of their organisation separately.
  • Simple workflow: Evalue8 allows businesses to delegate the collection of activity data to the appropriate people providing a friendly user interface that guides and educates users.
  • Supported by real engineers: Evalue8 allows our emission management experts to analyse your data and provide reports conforming to industry standards.
  • Detailed reporting: Evalue8 allows businesses to maintain emissions data over time, storing it securely and providing businesses with a comprehensive emissions history that can be viewed online.